19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (2023)

Trevor Philips is one of the most memorable video game characters of recent years. Best known for his violent temper, brutal violence, and penchant for saying whatever comes to mind, he is everyone.Grand Theft AutoPlayer who comes to life in the game itself. As such, it has countless amazing quotes, many of which are just as offensive, offensive, and hilarious.

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Unfortunately, it's hard to pick just a few because basically everything that comes out of his mouth is pure horror and pure gold. However, we tried it anyway! Here are our tips forTrevor Philips' Most Memorable QuotesemGrand Theft Auto 5.

Updated on March 23, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra:Grand Theft Auto 5 is a series full of memorable characters.trevor philipsis a character who deserves much praise for delivering a level of charm and hilarity that makes this amazing title all the more compelling. A big part of what makes Trevor such a brilliant character is the amazing lines and dialogue from him, with some of...best quotesin the game that emanates from your character. The best of the bunch are listed below.

19 "AAARGH, this song is wrong!"

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (1)

A big part of what makes Trevor so unpredictable is that not even the player has full control over his actions. The fact that the player can switch into him alone to get into countless situations shows just how fierce he really is.

In fact, he can become so cynical about anything that even loud music in the car can make him angry. He utters this line in a totally unexpected but memorable instance before changing the song to something else on his own!

18 "Well, Mr. Raspberry Jam, you died a noble death, and you brought great joy to a... lonely man."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (2)

trevor es realone of the craziest characters in the entire game. He's also quite haunting, though that's one of the reasons this character is so memorable.

The fact that he dirties a teddy bear and talks about it in such a creepy way is classic Trevor and one of the main reasons he's a prominent character in the game. Poor Mr. Raspberry Jam has seen better days and the fact that this broken teddy bear is tied to the hood of Trevor's car after certain events makes this toy's fate quite lurid and comical.

17 "Ahh... my taxes are working hard."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (3)

police inGrand Theft Auto 5they are some of the smartest and fiercest cops to have appeared in the entire series. They never fail to warn the player that things are going wrong and that they need to escape the heat or follow the shots and push that system to the limit.

Anytime Trevor attracts the attention of the police, there's a chance he'll utter this hilarious line. It's actually quite funny and a great way to show Trevor's disdain for men in blue. For what it's worth, this sentiment is also shared by gamers who love to lead the police on mindless chases.Grand Theft Auto 5.

sixteen "You've clearly lost your little head!"

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (4)
(Video) Trevor Didn't Forget 💀 || GTA V

Grand Theft Auto 5it has some pretty unique interactions that people might miss out on if they don't engage in some extremely aggressive acts towards their own friends. Most people are familiar with the phone calls the other two characters receive when they start filming orBombing at Michael's house...but this behavior was also coded for other characters.

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For example, when Michael or Franklin start shooting Trevor, the madman looks down on their little minds. It's a small but great touch that makes the universe and the charactersGrand Theft Auto 5feel even more believable and attractive.

15 "I'm past KALE, okay? It's too late for KALE!"

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (5)

Trevor has a certain taste, as he made clear to Michael when they met after the surprised family man suggested kale as a solution to Trevor's problems. Obviously, that wasn't about to cut it.

Trevor said the same thing, further revealing that his tastes leaned more towards "insanity, cannibalism and incest". He was far from doing her any good, which is quite evident in his catalog of disturbing, illegal vices that only scratch the surface of Trevor's unique depravity.

14 "I said something nice, not something expensive!"

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (6)

One of Trevor's most memorable moments comes when he visits Franklin at his house to hang out, as he is new to town and interacting with his Aunt Denise for the first time. Trevor displays his charm and quickly wins over the normally argumentative woman.

Trevor gave Denise some money so she could buy something nice. However, when she questioned the low sum of $7, the charm quickly became Trevor's standard behavior as he berated her for her greed and told her to hit him with unkind words.

13 "I'll go and sign the contracts, okay? Ignore the corpses!"

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (7)

Doesn't that quote sum up Trevor beautifully? First of all, he tries to be a legitimate businessman. As legit as his line of business is becoming, anyway. He wants to "come over" and "sign some contracts," which is typical business lingo.

But then he has to do the whole Trevor thing for us, telling his business partner to "ignore the bodies." Like, corpses. Like the people Trevor murdered. It's a hilarious quote that shows off Trevor's dichotomy well and proves that Trevor is, first and foremost, a completely crazy guy.

12 "Don't ever tell me things I want to know!"

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (8)

One of the first glimpses of Trevor Philips' unique spirit comes before his meeting with his former partner Michael De Santa, whom he believed dead after a police shooting thanks to a witness protection program cover story.

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Trevor had his friend/subordinate Wade Michael located in Los Santos (using the phone book). Instead of rewarding him for the information, as Wade himself had assumed, Trevor hit and punished his "friend" for not sharing the information with him before he requested it. This is a good introduction to Trevor's unique management skills.

11 "It sounds like you're struggling with simple tasks."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (9)

Sometimes the funniest insults are the simplest. Trevor has plenty of random insults ready to hurl at the unsuspecting citizens of Los Santos, one of which is simple but funny: "It sounds like you're struggling with simple tasks."

Maybe what makes him so funny is that he's so different from Trevor. While he typically resorts to hideous profanity, profanity, or threats of violence, this insult is simple, clean, and to the point. It's like something you'd hear a child say and he would burst out laughing despite his better nature. Very good, Trevor. Good job.

10 "...but I kidnapped his wife."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (10)

If you're going to do absolutely ANYTHING to get into Trevor Philips' bad books, you better be prepared to face the consequences. Usually, that consequence is your death. But it could also be the kidnapping of his wife. When he talks to Michael, Trevor admits that he was "a little bit mad" at Martin Madrazo, mainly because Martin was mad at him.

Michael knows Trevor well and asks if he killed Martin. Trevor's response is pure poetry: "What the hell do you think I am? No, I didn't kill him! But I did kidnap his wife." And his shoe falls off, because at Trevor Philips there are always shoes.

9 "...and tell him we need chips, salsa, and whores."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (11)

Trevor's treatment of Wade also extended to his family when the couple traveled to Los Santos and stayed at the home of Wade's cousin Floyd, who is one of thethe healthiest characters in the game. Of course, Trevor begins to slowly corrupt and use Floyd as he systematically destroys his life.

When Floyd initially objects to the criminals meeting at his apartment with his cousin, Trevor shares his opinion and prepares for the party in a way only he seems to understand. Floyd's role in the situation is sad, but Trevor, as always, is hilarious and unforgettable.

8 "You made some money and became a bastard."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (12)
(Video) GTA 5 - Michael and Trevor arguing for 16 minutes straight

OGrand Theft AutoThe series have always provided great satire, andGrand Theft Auto 5he is particularly harsh on concepts of celebrity, wealth, material possessions, and the outward appearance of wealth and happiness. This is best epitomized by the character of Michael, who uses his hidden millions to live a life of unhappy luxury in the Hollywood Hills.

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Fortunately, Trevor is able to see through Michael's wealthy exterior and tell him, "You're a jerk just like everyone else. You made some money and turned into shit." Doesn't that sum up Hollywood vanity?

7 "Oh, by the way, this is completely your fault."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (13)

This is another amazing quote that Trevor uttered on the road.just drive down the street. It occurs after you accidentally (or intentionally, depending on how you play) crash into another car. Although they could apologize, Trevor will bluntly tell them it was his fault, when it certainly wasn't.

Like the other insult, this one is funny because it's so simple. Getting into a car accident can be upsetting, and we're pretty sure these conversations happen on city streets all the time.

6 "I need to meditate. Or masturbate. Or both."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (14)

Trevor has a handful of associates who help him with his company and his criminal empire, including conspiracy theorist and podcaster Ron. The latter occasionally serves as CEO of Trevor Philips Enterprises.gives tips to make money with Trevor.

Trevor revealed his post-crime routines to Ron after a tense mission.hijacking of a cargo planeFull of Merryweather's guns. Both of these activities, separately or together, made it clear and amusing to Ron that Trevor needed some alone time.

5 "I'm driven by speed most of the time, but I'm productivity personified."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (15)

Well, we can all say that about Trevor: the man is productive. Instead of wallowing like Michael or complaining about his circumstances like Franklin, Trevor goes out and does things. Usually that means wreaking havoc in massive numbers and killing a lot of people, but hey, it's still productive for Trevor!

Of course, drugs obviously help, and Trevor admits it in this moving quote. We appreciate Rockstar's writing - it's smart, prolific and hilarious, all three of which are nicely summed up in this quote.

4 "I, I am not rational."

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (16)
(Video) The Trevor And Michael Reunion - Grand Theft Auto 5 - Part 8

As we found out, and as anyone who has played the game can tell you, Trevor Philips has a few screws loose. Fortunately, he is smart and confident enough to recognize that fact. That's what makes him such a fascinating character.

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you can tell by looking at itbrilliant speech to Devin Weston at the end of C. As Devin pleads for her life, Trevor tells him, "Me, I'm not rational. I don't care if you're useful or not. I feel like knocking you out Devo, so I'll do it." It's a wonderful synopsis of Trevor's character, and it makes us throw punches at ourselves. his punishment to Trevor.

3 "Fuck you, fuck your pizza, fuck everything it stands for!"

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (17)

That's the kind of hilarity we've come to expect from Trevor! Enough of this self-referential stuff. This quote appears at the end of Bury the Hatchet when Michael calls for Trevor. To keep Trevor from traveling to North Yankton, Michael offers him beer and pizza to smooth things over.

Of course, Trevor is having none of it and yells at Michael for the earlier quote. He is not only hilarious, but also succinctly shows where Trevor and Michael stand at this point in their relationship. Trevor doesn't want to see Michael, he doesn't want to smooth things over and he DEFINITELY doesn't want his pizza.


19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (18)

One of the most fun aspects of this game is changing Trevor. Usually you're faced with a ridiculous scenario, and you can almost guarantee that Trevor will end up with something funny to say. In one example, Trevor is seen on a scooter following a random NPC who is also on a scooter and yells "SCOOTER BROTHERS!" at the top of his lungs.

This is a link to an old YouTube video that aGTA 4Player following an NPC on the same motorcycle and saying "Scooter Brothers!" for them. Rockstar clearly thought that was pretty funny and they did it.Integra-o no GTA 5. We're glad they did.

1 "Sorry, I showed my stuff, okay!?"

19 Most Memorable Trevor Quotes in GTA 5, ranked (19)

This may be the biggest "change for Trevor" of all. Which is saying something because they are all spectacular. In this one, Trevor will follow someone in his car. A little behind them, he yells at them, "Sorry, I showed my thing, okay!?", which raises a lot of questions.

How did this point come about? Who did Trevor "show his stuff" to? WHY does Trevor "do his thing" anyway? How long has he been following you? Are they going to the police or are they just trying to get away from this confused man? The questions are endless, but that's exactly what you get with Trevor Philips. It is as unpredictable as it seems.

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