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When it comes to vehicle management solutions that offer intuitive crane tracking software, there are plenty of options on the market today. But what are the best tracking systems to help tow companies with fuel efficiency, theft recovery, and general management of fleet activities? This article addresses the topicWhat is the best GPS fleet tracking solution for towing companies?and offers the top 5 real-time GPS trackers every towing company should know about!

1. Connect the OBD2 GPS to the tow truck

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Our pick for the Best Asset Tracking Device for Tow Truck Drivers in 2023, Connect GPS really is the perfect fleet management tool for small trucking companies. Features that set Verizon's Linxup Live GPS Connect vehicle tracker and tracking system apart include unlimited updates every 3 seconds, free US-based tech support, and the trailer industry's best online tracking software of the world. If you want automatic alerts when a driver is speeding, data to improve preventative maintenance, and the fastest live GPS tracking on the market today (3 seconds), then this is the GPS tow truck solution for you. And let's not forget to Connectfleet tracking systemsThere are also no monthly fees for an entire year!

dimensions1.8" wide; 2.18" long; 1.08" deep
Operating temperature-30°C a 75°C (-22°F a 158°F)
power source9-17 volts (OBD-II connector)
typical total flow70 mAh at 12 volts DC
Canales GSM850/1900 (US) 900/1800 (Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East)
Communication protocolGPRS (UDP), SMS
Update frequencyUnlimited updates every 3 seconds for a whole year
historical versionLifetime access to real-time historical GPS data
announcementCustom vehicle report, extended vehicle report, start/stop report, mileage and more
To diagnoseFlashing LED, SMS or TCP diagnostic messages

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2. Linxup Asset GPS Vehicle Tracking


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Linxup has a portfolio of vehicle tracking devices designed to reduce fuel costs, shape driving behavior, and track tow trucks in real time. Out of all the tracking products that Linxup offers, our favorite is the wired solution. First of all, the GPS vehicle tracker is very affordable at $29.95 per month and there are no data service contracts. This means you can improve fleet performance without worrying about long-term commitments. Linxup GPS tracker is also veryescondidoas it plugs into the tow truck's 12 volt system and can even alert you when the boom is raised/lowered. While the company doesn't have the best mobile app (2.1 stars according toloaded apple) and the update rate is too slow, Linxup still has a strong reputation and makes high-quality GPS vehicle trackers.

Dimensions:2,4" x 1,8" x 0,07"
Weight:4 oz
Cair:IP66 waterproof casing
Internal battery:Rechargeable (additional wiring)
Lifespan:3 months between charges
Operating temperature:-22°F a +167°F / (-30°C a +75°C)
Data:4G cell phone
GPS updates in real time:Every 10 minutes on the go. Once a day with battery.

OKAmazon Reviews, the average rating for Linxup GPS Fleet Tracker is 3.8 stars out of 5. This rating is much lower than Amazon fleet management system solutions, which suggests that the GPS asset tracking device has room for improvement. improvement.

3. US Fleet Tracking Fuel Card

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When most people think about managing fleet data for their business, they rarely think about it.tank cards, but the reality is that fuel cards are a great way to record tracking data. Especially if fuel economy is the number one concern in your business. With gasoline prices in excess of $5 a gallon in many states, reducing fuel consumption has never been more important to small businesses. The way the fuel card program works to reduce fuel costs is simple:

  1. A tow truck driver uses the fuel card to fill up his gas tank.
  2. Once the transaction is processed, US Fleet Tracking records the location, time, and dollar value of the fuel.
  3. Then you'd log into your account and run a report to see where your drivers are refueling and how much they're spending.

Fuel cards may not have all legal featuresGPS trackers for cranesbut the technology is simple and useful for pest control companies, food and beverage companies, towing companies, and any company trying to reduce fuel consumption! It is the best? With each use of the fuel card, your company saves 5% on the purchase of gasoline!

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Read this article to learn more about fuel cards:

4. Disable GPS tracker with launcher

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If you care about your drivers and want a real-time GPS truck tracker with kill switch capabilities, Tracking System Direct's Initial Disable GPS is the best solution on the market. GPS-enabled trucks have been proven to be more secure, but what sets this GPS-enabled truck security solution apart from other products on this list is the device's ability to remotely disable the vehicle by activating the kill switch. Other great features include real-time GPS updates every 10 seconds, monthly subscription plans, and the ability to see if a crane is in use.

5. Verizon fleet with dash cam

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If your business wants to invest in tow truck fleet tracking solutions to positively influence driver behavior, better record maintenance schedules, and provide a complete view of what your drivers are actually doing, we recommend Verizon Dash Cam. Verizon is a big-name brand that is actually a newcomer to the property surveillance industry, but its tracking products have already become best sellers. And the preferred GPS tracking system for companies is the Verizon dashcam. Track fuel consumption and driver behavior while capturing detailed images of car accidents with the Verizon Dash Cam. One drawback, however, is the lack of price transparency and the lengthy service contract you have to sign to access personal GPS data. Buyers should be aware that there are heavycancellation feesfor everyone who wants

ELD devicesthey are now required for truckers and below is a review from a trucker who had a negative experience with Verizon. We would like to encourage you to hear his opinion about live GPS trackers with video recording.

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Consult our list ofThe 14 Best GPS Trackers!

Truck GPS System Testing - How We Rate Products

NoCheck GPS tracking, we take the truck GPS tracker test very seriously. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects each device for accuracy, reliability, and overall performance. We started running a series of tests on the product, including cold start time, signal acquisition and retention. We also test the device's ability to maintain a constant connection and accurately report location data.

We also go beyond technical tests, evaluating each product in real conditions. This includes installing the GPS tracker on a truck and taking it on different routes, both urban and rural. We also tested the device's ability to handle various road and weather conditions. Our team also evaluates the device's interface and overall usability. We are also testing the device's ability to integrate with other systems, such as fleet management software. We also check the battery life and durability of the device.

For more information on our testing process, please visit ourmethodology page.

Crane GPS FAQs: Everything you need to know

Can a GPS tracker monitor a crane's hydraulic winch?

Yes, a GPS vehicle tracker can monitor a crane's hydraulic winch. not only himGeofencing-GPSnotifies you every time the hydraulic winch is activated on your fleet of cranes, but also tracks mileage, real-time location, and potential breakdowns.

How much does a truck tracker cost?

Most GPS truck tracking companies require you to sign an annual contract for their data service before you can do this.Track your vehicle secretly. The average monthly data cost is $29.95 for unlimited updates per minute, and that doesn't include the cost of the tracker itself. As such, towing companies should expect to spend an average of $359.40 per year in subscription fees and $29 to $99 in hardware costs. That's why it connectstruck tracking deviceis our #1 pick because the Truck GPS is $299.00 and also includes a full year of service and satellite tracking updates every 3 seconds.

Do the cranes have GPS tracking?

Many tow trucks come with a handheld GPS tracker, a GPS OBD2 port, or a dash cam with GPS tracking. This GPS technology allows dispatch teams to track the truck's location in real time, giving customers an accurate estimate of when help will arrive. This can be very reassuring for clients who are stuck in unfamiliar places at night. However, not all towing companies use GPS tracking, so you should consider asking a towing company before requesting roadside assistance.

What is a good GPS for truckers?

It really depends on your goal. For example, if you want to know where your cranes are 24/7, your best bet is a GPS tracking solution that connects to yourConector OBD2how to connect gps However, if your company uses a more sophisticated telematics platform with acar camerathat offers live GPS tracking and video streaming, then we recommend Secure Car Cameratracking system directly. Finally, if you want a GPS asset tracker with real-time traffic conditions come trueELD MandateBy standards, your best bet would probably be to invest in Verizon's fleet tracker. However, online reviews claim that Verizon GPS asset tracker is not satisfactory.Customer SupportSo know that you are investing.


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