ForeFlight Mobile Electronic Flight Bag (2023)

On the ground and in the air, pilots around the world trust ForeFlight Mobile for flight planning, maps, weather, airport information, document management, flight logging, synthetic vision and more.

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ForeFlight Mobile 14.9 (Oktober):Operation noticeBanderas,Radar from multiple sourceslayer support and more.

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maps and charts

ForeFlight offers a wide range of VFR, IFR and specialty charts including: ICAO Charts, Terminal Area Charts, VFR Flyways, Helicopter, Grand Canyon and many more. You're covered no matter what or where you fly.

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All the VFR and IFR charts you need

VFR and IFR charts from FAA, NAV CANADA, EUROCONTROL as well as other sources to give you everything you need for any type of flight.

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Find useful information at every zoom level with this customizable, data-driven map layer with built-in airport charts.

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Get a complete picture with dozens of interactive map layers for weather, hazards, surface maps, fuel prices, and imported custom content.

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SID, STAR and georeferenced approaches and roll tables help you find your way in the air and on the ground.

Dynamic winds and temperatures

View the global forecast of wind speed, direction and temperatures at different elevations and times using these stunning animated weather layers. The Winds (Temperatures) and Winds (Speed) layers use colored heatmaps covering the globe to represent their primary forecast values ​​at the selected altitude and time. Overlying each layer's heatmap are smooth-flowing particle animations representing wind speed and direction, providing an intuitive view of large-scale weather patterns relative to the layer's primary predictor (air speed or wind temperature). Use the Weather slider to view wind forecasts for a 24-hour period, and move the Altitude slider to view surface winds up to 63,000 feet.

Both tiers are included with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.


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Weather in 3D view

Activate US or world ice sheets and turbulence with the new layer selector3D visualizationto view the weather forecast along your route. The 3D view presents the weather forecast as floating color blocks that use the same color scale to represent the severity of the air chart forecast and profile view. Use the altitude slider on the right to view the weather at different elevations and tap the RTE button at the top of the altitude slider to only view the weather at the same elevation as your route.

Weather in 3D View is included with ForeFlight Performance Plus plans.

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Internet traffic via FlightAware

In partnership with FlightAware, stream real-time global aircraft traffic directly to ForeFlight to analyze airport activity, review an active flight, and more. ForeFlight displays air, ground and ADS-B traffic received over the Internet, with altitude and queue number available at a glance and many other details for most traffic destinations at the touch of a button.

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map notes

Write and draw directly on the ForeFlight map for easier and more convenient note-taking. Tap the Annotations button on the left side of the screen to switch to sketch mode. Annotations appear on top of each map or layer, and you can easily undo, redo, and delete annotations, as well as change paint and brush properties.


greater than the sum of their graphs

Jeppesen's global chart library is optionally available with all ForeFlight Mobile subscription plans, making it your all-in-one flight planning, briefing, archiving, flight and registration solution.

ForeFlight + Jeppesen for private individuals
ForeFlight + Jeppesen for flight departments

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Best weather and briefings.

An extensive library of weather products and a unique graphical pre-flight report will get you to your destination faster, safer and probably a little drier.
Learn more

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From animated radar to AIR/SIGMET charts and global aerial winds, more than a dozen map overlays show you exactly where the weather is in relation to your planned route.


Hundreds of detailed current conditions and forecast weather imagery products at your fingertips.


Translated text and colored graphics help you better understand and use the information in the summary.

Fast and efficient flight planning

Planning how to get from A to B used to be a chore. No longer. ForeFlight Mobile is designed to increase the speed and efficiency of your planning, reporting, and archiving workflow. ForeFlight gives you the flexibility to use graphical Touch Planning™ incardsView or the full form-based planner in theflightsto see. Be sure to add performance data to your aircraft profile to improve fuel economy and wind-adjusted flight time.

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Archive and summary

Send files days in advance, change plans, activate and deactivate VFR flight plans and get comprehensive and instant weather reports.

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Tactile planning

Pull. Shoot down. Fly. It's too easy. ForeFlight Mobile's touch planning feature puts you in control of where you're going and how you're getting there. All with one touch.

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flight notifications

Receive in-app notifications if conditions along your flight path change between the time you check in and the time you depart.

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Process Advisor

Select and view standard instrument departures (SIDs), standard terminal arrivals (STARs) and even traffic pattern entries. Easily add any procedure to your route with a single tap.

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Altitude Advisor

Where's the best tailwind? Altitude Advisor knows this. View wind speed, direction and recalculated total time and fuel consumption for any altitude.

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route planner

A visual view of reassigned or released auto-calculated ATC route options, official inter-airport preferred routes and terminal route control routes.

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Powerful planning for high-performance aircraft

fly fast? Plan faster with ForeFlight's state-of-the-art flight planning solution. Plan, report and archive wind-optimized routes for your high-performance aircraft in seconds, mobile and web.

performance for individuals
Performance for flight departments

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ForeFlight Mobile Electronic Flight Bag (16)

flight plan file

Submit your IFR or VFR flight plan in seconds on the app or web. Our dual AFTN connections on two continents ensure reliable transmission of archived flight plans.
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The IFR flight plan file is supported in the USA and its territories, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia and all EUROCONTROL member states.

ForeFlight also supports the filing of domestic and cross-border VFR flight plans between the US and Canada and within or between most EUROCONTROL member states.

Global Risk Awareness Technology

No peep spikes. ForeFlight Mobile has a variety of risk prevention technologies that are usedthe JeppesenHigh-resolution global terrain and obstacle data to give pilots better situational awareness and safety wherever they fly.

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Hazard Advisor highlights dangerous terrain and nearby obstacles. The screen is constantly updated based on altitude and GPS position.

ForeFlight Mobile Electronic Flight Bag (18)


Profile view brings our Hazard Advisor feature into portrait mode, giving you a side view of the terrain and obstacles along your planned route or in front of your aircraft.

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ForeFlight Synthetic Vision is the most widely used mobile synthetic vision system. Fast, elegant and accurate, with features like night mode and glowing terrain.

The integrated ForeFlight checklist adapts to your flight schedule

Easily scroll through your checklists and reduce cockpit clutter with ForeFlight's checklist. Digital checklist templates keep key safety procedures organized and easily accessible for all phases of the flight, and helpful color coding leaves no step unchecked.

Learn more about the checklist

ForeFlight Mobile Electronic Flight Bag (20)

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Conversation checklist

ForeFlight serves as a helpful co-pilot, automatically calling out each item on a checklist so you can focus on flying. A quick action bar at the bottom of the screen remains visible in all views of the application and allows you to pause or exit speaking mode and move faster or slower through the checklist.

Forward flight log

The logbook is integrated into the ForeFlight app and securely synced across all your devices, making it easy for pilots to log and share flights, track hours, check currencies, record certificates and ratings, receive instructor approval emails, and generate progress reports . .

Learn more

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ForeFlight Mobile Electronic Flight Bag (22)

find your balance

ForeFlight makes it easy to calculate your aircraft's weight and balance before takeoff using our ready-made templates for hundreds of aircraft types.

Plus, with Performance Plus, you can integrate your weight and balance planning directly into flight plans to streamline and simplify your pre-flight workflow and ensure more accurate time and fuel calculations.

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downloads and data

ForeFlight makes it easy to stay current with the latest charts and dashboards. Just select the data types and ranges you want and tap "Download". When the FAA or NAV CANADA releases new data, the app notifies you and lets you update with just a tap. You can download graphs and data even when the app is running in the background, so you can use other apps on your iPad or iPhone without interrupting the download process.

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Automatically keep your charts and data up to date. Database and document updates are downloaded as soon as they are available and your device is connected to WiFi.

ForeFlight Mobile Electronic Flight Bag (24)


ForeFlight provides navigational data covering the entire world. Includes world airports, navaids, airspace, airway, SID/STAR and approach procedures data.

ForeFlight Mobile Electronic Flight Bag (25)


Will you do a long cross country? The package ensures you have the maps, NOTAM, weather, fuel prices and airport information you need.

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Avionics Connectivity
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Make a gift of ForeFlight
for the pilot of your life

ForeFlight is the perfect gift for any pilot. You can collect pre-flight weather and destination information, plan routes, access and manage electronic maps, organize flight bookings, record flight times, reference a moving map and much more - all in an elegantly designed app that works from the web to the Mobile phone can be synchronized. . A continuous stream of product improvements means ForeFlight is the gift to be given all year round. Certificates are available in denominations of $300, $200, $100.


Fanatical Pilot Support™

We are here to help. All support team members are pilots and ForeFlight experts.
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Is ForeFlight an electronic flight bag? ›

Experience the Joy of Flying with ForeFlight

ForeFlight's advanced electronic flight bag technology provides you with an affordable, all-in-one solution that makes flying easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Does the MIlitary use ForeFlight? ›

ForeFlight MIlitary Flight Bag is an enhanced version of the ForeFlight Mobile integrated flight application that supports the global flight operations of military and government pilots.

Is ForeFlight approved by the FAA? ›

ForeFlight, maker of the popular iPad electronic chart app, announced it has earned certification as an FAA Qualified Internet Communication Provider (QICP). The qualification allows private and commercial flight operations to use ForeFlight as their official source for weather information.

Can a pilot legally use an iPad with ForeFlight during IFR operations? ›

This is the AC that states it is legal for Part 91 piston aircraft pilots to use the iPad as an EFB as long as, amongst other requirements, the data is current and valid. A backup data source, either digital or printed is encouraged but not required.

Can I use an iPhone as an EFB? ›

The increased readability makes the latest iPhones a great backup option as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), since it's probably in your pocket already and one app subscription works on multiple devices.

Is ForeFlight a legal EFB? ›

Many EFB's (well at least foreflight that I know of) here in the US allow you to file flight plans, and receive briefs from a weather briefer right in the system. EFB's are legal for navigation as you would use a map but they are not legal replacements for GPS/AHARS units despite the features they have.


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