Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (2023)

Few games have had as much of an impact on their genre, and indeed on the gaming industry in general, as they have.Grand Theft AutoFranchise. Today, the series has become a cultural pillar that spawned it.countless clones, massive amounts of spin-offs, and even sparked a heated debate in the mainstream media about the effects of video games on the player's mind.

After playing it, you quickly begin to understand why the series is so popular. It's not just about the game mechanics, the open-world nature of the game, or the often cartoonish levels of violence on display. All of these things can be, and often have been, copied. what definesGTAapart is the level ofmeticulous detailwho is dedicated to creating a world that feels like it could actually exist.GTAIt features very few of the standard characters of the game world, the one-dimensional curse bosses that ripen the lines, and their army of interchangeable faceless minions.

Instead, all of the main characters in the series are given distinctive traits and a backstory that complements their personalities, leaving the player feeling committed to their destiny. one of those charactersGrand Theft Auto VIt's Trevor Phillips. Like pulling the pages out of a crime drama script, Philips proves that a video game protagonist can be a real three-dimensional character with believable (and very dark) shades of gray. To celebrate the character, here are 15 surprising facts you may not know about Mr. Phillips:

15 The only temporary tattoo

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (1)

Tattoos are important facets ofGTACharacter Personalities – In some games in the series, they help increase stats, while others only allow players cosmetic character customization.GTA V, Trevor displays a number of tattoos on his body, most of which are permanent. However, there is a tattoo that he can remove. He spells "R.I.P. Michael, 1965-2004, Brother", and can be removed by the player at any time.

This choice has a narrative reason. Trevor's feelings towards Michael change drastically when it is revealed that Michael has been faking his death for years without telling him. Trevor sees this as a huge betrayal, and the fact that he chooses to have the tattoo removed suggests that he doesn't have the same love for Michael that he used to.

14 Trevor is most likely a serial thief.

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (2)

Of all the violence and depravity Trevor exhibits throughout the game, there's still plenty that's only hinted at. For example, parts of the narrative make it clear that Trevor's fondness for these acts goes beyond mere monetary gain.

Let's start with a throwaway line indicating that Trevor once had a brother named Ryan who he didn't get along with and who subsequently disappeared. Fast forward to another line from Lester, where he mentions that he's been keeping an eye on Trevor and following him "Wherever there are gas stations to rob and trips to disappear."

We also have plenty of visual evidence of Trevor's murderous hobby. One Switch scene shows Trevor retrieving a hole he dug in the desert, while another shows him trying to fit a human foot into the toilet in his trailer.


13 He's in command... WHERE!?

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (3)

Different countries have different censorship laws when it comes to pop culture. Rules related to male modesty are viewed differently in Europe. This was something the game developers were aware of and decided to have fun with.

In the European version of the game, you have the option to switch to Trevor mid-game. Sometimes when the change occurs, Trevor is shown on a mountain overlooking the countryside. While this activity isn't uncommon, the fact that Trevor is wearing a dress while he's standing on the mountain adds an oddly funny touch to the whole scene.

Also, the dress doesn't cover Trevor's private parts very well. And as you can see, Trevor Philips prefers to be in charge when it comes to mountaineering!

12 is afraid of one

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (4)

Despite all the aggression Trevor shows in the game, there are instances where he shows fear as well. In part of the story, Trevor finds Barry and the two start taking powerful hallucinogens. While on the hallucinogenic high, Trevor has a vision of killer clowns attacking him. He reacts with fear and anger, furious at the clowns only to wake up to realize that he is hallucinating.

Even waking up doesn't alleviate Trevor's fear, and during the screaming and screaming that inevitably follows when Trevor yells at Barry, it becomes clear that clowns have a knack for striking fear into Trevor's heart. Trevor reveals that he developed a fear of clowns from his childhood and that the fear never left his psyche.

11 Hates a group of people.

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (5)

In a classic case of non-tradeable monsters with some collectible qualities, Trevor displays some surprisingly advanced traits. For example, he berates the Minute Men and the LSPD for their racist behavior.

He also has strong words of approval for Wade when he makes offensive comments about Ashley. Trevor takes a liking to what he sees as hypocritical behavior on the part of Micheal and his other teammates when they perform such violent acts while pretending to have some moral high ground.

All of these cases prove that despite his cruelty, Trevor is aware of the difference between right and wrong and is under no illusions about the depravity of his actions.

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10 His relationship with his parents was deeply confused.

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Obviously, a maniacal killer like Trevor wouldn't come from the most stable family. For starters, Trevor's dad hit him all the time. Physical abuse was a part of young Trevor's life until the day his father abandoned him in a shopping mall.

His mother treated him a little better and used psychological abuse to keep her son in line. It is believed that Trevor's upbringing was with an absent father and a domineering mother who had a constant stream of "clients" filling her room, leading Trevor to develop an Oedipus complex.

If there's one person in the entire game that Trevor fears, it's his mother. He avoids meeting her whenever he can and barely can form a coherent sentence in her presence. Also, seeing her puts him in a childish state of fear and confusion.

9 Shows classic signs of intermittent blast failure

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (7)

While many of Trevor's actions in the game may seem completely random, just as the third player's actions seem random, the truth is that many of the things that the temperamental Mr.intermittent explosive disorder.

The condition is evident in Trevor's frequent bouts of impulsive behavior, in which he rages with no thought to what or who might be hurting around him. Furthermore, a classic clinical picture is a patient's reaction with extreme anger, which is out of proportion to a mild provocation. Finally, the violence that Trevor periodically displays when he seems to lose all semblance of impulse control also suggests that he has the condition.

8 You are physically attracted to so many, many things.

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (8)

GTAhe has never been shy about exploiting his character's physical attraction to other characters in the game. With Trevor, however, it's not about who he's attracted to, it's about what he's attracted to.It is nothas he dressed?

When the game starts, we have a scene where Trevor is having an affair with a woman. So far so good, and in line with the previous ones.GTAgames. But throughout the rest of the game, Trevor makes numerous comments to other men that make him seem like he's flirting with them, even claiming to have had relationships with men while in prison.

But that's not all: through graphic cutscenes and offhand comments, we get the impression that Trevor also has relationships with animals and even inanimate objects like the in-game teddy bear called Mr. Raspberry Jam.

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7 Your actor has done some disgusting things.

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (9)

Who says that only film and television actors can use method acting to improve their performance? Steven Ogg has gone to great lengths to bring realism to his performance as Trevor Philip's voice and motion capture artist.

There are many scenes in the game where Trevor walks around in his underwear, which is consistent with making fun of his character's prudish rules. While shooting motion capture for these scenes, Ogg also decided to remove his underwear.

Ogg insisted that his role in creating TrevorWas beyondhe just mumbles his lines. For three years, she lingered in Trevor's haunting headspace, deciding how best to display his hauntingly chaotic nature while also capturing movement. It was his quest to become the most complete Trevor possible that led him to perform without underwear.

6 Trevor Philips is Controversy's favorite son

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (10)

oGTAThe series has always done its best to portray aggressive tendencies and depravity in gaming. But even among a host of GTA characters famous for their intense nature, Trevor stands out as a particularly haunting figure.

For many people, Trevor is the poster child for the worst mindless attacks seen in video games today. He commits random acts of mayhem and enjoys it. His goal throughout the story seems to be to cause destruction himself, and the few moments of humanity he shows are selfish.

The media highlighted Trevor as the perfect showcase for the kind of depravity that these games are.was believed to procreateMany critics have pointed out that Trevor's pervasive psychopathy and position as one of the game's protagonists could lead to him being idolized by many children and young adults.

5 Tom Hardy InBronson influenced the creation of Trevor

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (11)

manufacturers ofGTAdrew on a variety of influences from movies, music, and other games to create the world ofGrand Theft Auto. one particularly strongGTA VThe influence comes from Oscar nominee Tom Hardy's first film.bronson.

embronson, Hardy plays the real-life title character with his usual gusto. The result is a film that portrays the life of the most violent criminal in British history, who loves to wreak havoc. The armies of guards fail to stop the rampage at Bronson Prison.

Steven Ogg, the actor who provided the voice and motion capture performance of Trevor, said that Hardy's performance as Bronson had a strong stylistic influence on his own portrayal of Trevor. Now you know that one of the most violent characters in video game history was directly inspired by one of the most violent criminals in real life.

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4 Trevor is modeled after a specific type of player

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (12)

Critics were quick to point out that Trevor is the firstGTACharacter who behaves similarly in-game as players normally do.GTAAside from the main story, players often spend hours aimlessly driving around the city, vandalizing passengers, assaulting citizens, stealing money, and generally behaving like extreme psychopaths. Trevor is the only character in the game whose personality matches the behavior of such a typical one.GTAGamer, like a game made in video game hell.

That was not a coincidence, the creators ofGTAThis was evident in the design of the three protagonists.GTA V, shaped their personalities to reflect the three types of individuals shown in studiesGTA.Trevor was specifically based on the type of player who prefers to skip missions in order to drive around the city and cause as much destruction as possible.

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (13)

This was perhaps the most controversial aspect of Trevor's story and had nothing to do with his personality. In the "By the Book" mission, Trevor must torture a criminal to obtain information for the FIB (FBI in-game) about the suspect. , but after completing the mission, he finds that the man was willing to talk without being attacked, eventually coming to the conclusion that this method of interrogation is meaningless and nothing more than a power play.

This order has been taken into accountpolitical commentaryfrom the game's creators about the US government's use of torture techniques.GTAThe hypocrisy of using extreme force to sell your own games while punishing the government for using extreme force. The torture mission itself was also considered highly inappropriate for younger audiences.

2 Random people can hit Trevor

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (14)

It's not just Trevor who can knock others down, it turns out that random people on the street can knock him down too!GTAThe game allows you to exchange greetings with passersby by pressing a button. This is another of the little touches within the game that add to the realism.

With Trevor, the script is reversed. If you press right on the directional pad next to a spectator, Trevor will make a comment. Like Trevor, what he has to say is never nice and often takes the form of an insult. This in turn takes the form of an insult. makes the passerby run away or fight him. After walking Trevor around town for hours without consequence, there's some satisfaction in finding a citizen of the virtual town standing up for him.

1 Trevor "offs" a former protagonist of GTA

Grand Theft Auto: 15 things you never knew about Trevor (15)
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Trevor's introductory scene is done in spectacularly brutal fashion. While he is having an affair with a woman in his trailer, Trevor is caught by the boyfriend of the woman he is working with. Understandably angry, the friend speaks out against Trevor. After trying to calm him down, Trevor finally breaks down, ending Trevor's life. Dude with a Broken Beer Bottle This action creates the rest of the story, which unfolds throughoutGTA V.

The woman's boyfriend was Johnny Klebitz, and if the name sounds familiar to you, it's because he was the protagonist of a previous oneGTAgame calledThe lost and the damned.This is the only instance of aGTALead man kills another For fans of the series who knew Klebitz, his violent moment was a sign that Trevor is something new to the franchise, someone who doesn't play by the traditional rules.


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